LDAP Classes
Implements Java LDAP

Package com.novell.ldap

Provides classes for the Java LDAP methods defined in Internet drafts maintained by IETF.


Interface Summary
LDAPAuthHandler Used to provide credentials for authentication when processing a referral.
LDAPBindHandler Used to do explicit bind processing on a referral.
LDAPDSConstants LDAPDSConstants.java contains bit values for [Entry Rights], [All attribute Rights], attribute rights, and entry flags in Novell eDirectory
LDAPReferralHandler Shared ancestor to the two types of referral objects - LDAPBindHandler and LDAPAuthHandler.
LDAPSocketFactory Used to construct sockets used in LDAPConnection.
LDAPTLSSocketFactory Used to construct a TLS socket and used by the startTLS method of LDAPConnection.
LDAPUnsolicitedNotificationListener An object that implements this interface can be notified when unsolicited messages arrive from the server.

Class Summary
LDAPAbandonRequest Represents an LDAP Abandon Request
LDAPAddRequest Represents an LDAP Add Request.
LDAPAttribute The name and values of one attribute of a directory entry.
LDAPAttributeSchema The definition of an attribute type in the schema.
LDAPAttributeSet A set of LDAPAttribute objects.
LDAPAuthProvider An implementation of LDAPAuthHandler must be able to provide an LDAPAuthProvider object at the time of a referral.
LDAPBindRequest Represents a simple bind request.
LDAPCompareAttrNames Compares LDAP entries based on attribute name.
LDAPCompareRequest Represents an LDAP Compare Request.
LDAPConnection The central class that encapsulates the connection to a directory server through the LDAP protocol.
LDAPConstraints Defines options controlling LDAP operations on the directory.
LDAPControl Encapsulates optional additional parameters or constraints to be applied to an LDAP operation.
LDAPDeleteRequest Represents a request to delete an entry.
LDAPDITContentRuleSchema Represents a DIT (Directory Information Tree) content rule in a directory schema.
LDAPDITStructureRuleSchema Represents the definition of a specific DIT (Directory Information Tree) structure rule in the directory schema.
LDAPDN A utility class to facilitate composition and deomposition of distinguished names (DNs).
LDAPEntry Represents a single entry in a directory, consisting of a distinguished name (DN) and zero or more attributes.
LDAPExtendedOperation Encapsulates an ID which uniquely identifies a particular extended operation, known to a particular server, and the data associated with that extended operation.
LDAPExtendedRequest Represents an LDAP Extended Request.
LDAPExtendedResponse Encapsulates the response returned by an LDAP server on an asynchronous extended operation request.
LDAPIntermediateResponse Encapsulates the response returned by an LDAP server on an asynchronous extended operation request.
LDAPJSSESecureSocketFactory Represents a socket factory that creates secure socket connections to LDAP servers using JSSE technology.
LDAPJSSEStartTLSFactory Represents a socket factory that the method startTLS of LDAPConnection can use to create secure TLS connections to LDAP servers using JSSE technology.
LDAPLburpRequest Creates the LburpRequest
LDAPMatchingRuleSchema The schematic definition of a particular matching rule in a particular Directory Server.
LDAPMatchingRuleUseSchema Represents the definition of a specific matching rule use in the directory schema.
LDAPMessage The base class for LDAP request and response messages.
LDAPMessageQueue Represents a queue of incoming asynchronous messages from the server.
LDAPModification A single add, delete, or replace operation to an LDAPAttribute.
LDAPModifyDNRequest Represents an LDAP ModifyDN request
LDAPModifyRequest Modification Request.
LDAPNameFormSchema A specific a name form in the directory schema.
LDAPObjectClassSchema The schema definition of an object class in a directory server.
LDAPResponse A message received from an LDAPServer in response to an asynchronous request.
LDAPResponseQueue A mechanism for processing asynchronous messages received from a server.
LDAPSchema Represents a schema entry that controls one or more entries held by a Directory Server.
LDAPSchemaElement The LDAPSchemaElement class is the base class representing schema elements (definitions) in LDAP.
LDAPSearchConstraints Defines the options controlling search operations.
LDAPSearchQueue A mechanism for queuing asynchronous search results received from a server.
LDAPSearchRequest Represents an LDAP Search request.
LDAPSearchResult Encapsulates a single search result that is in response to an asynchronous search operation.
LDAPSearchResultReference Encapsulates a continuation reference from an asynchronous search operation.
LDAPSearchResults An LDAPSearchResults object is returned from a synchronous search operation.
LDAPSecureSocketFactory Deprecated. As of January 2002 SDK, use LDAPJSSESecureSocketFactory If a JDK 1.7 is required, use of this class is a valid alternative to JSSE (which runs in JDK 1.2 or greater).
LDAPSyntaxSchema Represents a syntax definition in the directory schema.
LDAPUnbindRequest Represents an LDAP Unbind Request.
LDAPUrl Encapsulates parameters of an LDAP URL query as defined in RFC2255.

Exception Summary
LDAPException Thrown to indicate that an LDAP exception has occurred.
LDAPLocalException Represents an LDAP exception that is not a result of a server response.
LDAPReferralException Thrown when a server returns a referral and when a referral has not been followed.

Package com.novell.ldap Description

Provides classes for the Java LDAP methods defined in Internet drafts maintained by IETF. This package allows you to manage entries and schema definitions on LDAPv3 compliant servers.

Package Specification

This package is designed to work on LDAPv3 servers. It has not been tested for backwards compatibility with LDAPv2 servers.

LDAP Classes
Implements Java LDAP

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