Configuring DNS Features

This section describes the following procedures for configuring the DNS features of Novell DNS/DHCP Services:

Configuring an eDirectory Server to Forward Queries to Root Name Servers

When you install NetWare 6, the root server information is automatically loaded into your system. No procedure is required to configure your system to forward queries to the root name servers.

Configuring a Cache-Only Server

A cache-only server should be located between the clients that require address resolution and any DNS name servers that communicate over the Internet. Configure DNS clients to forward their queries to the cache-only server, and configure the cache-only server to forward its queries to a DNS server (or servers) attached directly to the Internet.

To configure a server to function as a cache-only server, follow the instructions to create a DNS server in Creating a DNS Server Object . After you have created the DNS Server object, do not assign any zones for it to serve. Configure this server to forward its queries to a DNS server

Configuring to Support Child Zones

If you are supporting child zones, you must configure the glue logic or glue records to associate the child zones with the parent zone.

The parent zone contains a referral to the child zone, meaning that its zone information contains a Name Server (NS) record that names the zone server for the child zone and an Address record that specifies the IP address for the child zone's DNS name server.

When configured, queries to the parent zone for names within the child zone are returned with the child zone's referral records. The requester can then query the child zone's name server directly.