4.28 Using Encryption with Pairs

Dynamic File Services treats all files and folders as if they are not encrypted.

WARNING:If an encrypted file or folder is moved by a policy, the encryption key changes and the data is no longer accessible to the user. The data is effectively lost.

4.28.1 Windows File and Folder Encryption

Dynamic File Services does not support using file or folder encryption for pairs.

To prevent possible data loss, ensure that your pair does not use file and folder encryption by doing the following:

  • Choose nonencrypted folders for the primary path and secondary path for the pair. The folders should not contain encrypted files or folders.

  • Do not encrypt files or folders in the primary path and the secondary path of the pair.

  • Do not encrypt parent folders above the pair’s primary path and secondary path.

4.28.2 Hardware-Level Disk Encryption

Dynamic File Services supports using some third-party hardware-level disk encryption for drives that are used in pairs. The file moves are not affected by hardware-level disk encryption because the encryption operates at a level beneath the file system.