3.3 Creating a Dynamic File Services Pair

A Dynamic File Services pair consists of two independent paths on different disks, referred to as the primary path and secondary path. You can use a remote share as the secondary path. Initially, the primary path contains files and the secondary path is empty. Pair names must be unique on the server.

Create a pair on the server by specifying the primary path and the secondary path to use for the pair. If no pairs exist on the target server, the Setup Wizard automatically opens and guides you through the process of creating a pair and creating a policy. The wizard automatically associates the pair and the policy. Other pairs can be created with the Pair Wizard.

After you create a pair, you can specify folders in the primary location that can be included or excluded from policy runs. You can include folders or exclude folders, but not both.

A Windows network share must be set up on the primary path so that users can access data on the pair. For a standard pair, users see data on both paths in a merged view. Use the Windows Network Sharing feature to set up the network share before or after you create the pair. The merged view is also shown if you begin your access from other network shares above and below the share on the primary path. To ensure that users access files on the secondary path only via the merged view, do not create a network share that gives users direct access to files on the secondary path of a standard pair.