A.12 Formatting the iSCSI Device as NTFS on the Windows Server

  1. On the Windows server, launch the iSCSI Initiator software.

  2. In the iSCSI Initiator Properties page, click the Volume and Devices tab.

  3. Click Auto Configure.

  4. Click OK to apply the changes and exit.

  5. Go to the Windows Disk Management to view the disk.

  6. Select the disk and set it to Online.

  7. Initialize the disk.

    For information, see Overview of Disk Management in the Microsoft TechNet Library.

  8. Create a volume on the disk and format it as NTFS.

    For information, see Partitions and Volumes in the Microsoft TechNet Library.

    The target device is ready to use on your local server. You can use the disk as if it is a local disk.

  9. Continue with Section A.13, Creating a Dynamic File Services Pair with the Cloud-Based iSCSI Device.