A.13 Creating a Dynamic File Services Pair with the Cloud-Based iSCSI Device

You can use the volume for the secondary path in a Dynamic File Services pair. Because of potential latency issues with the public Internet, cloud-based devices should not be used as the primary location in a pair.

  1. On a Windows server or workstation, launch the Dynamic File Services Management Console.

  2. Connect to the Windows Server 2008 server where you attached the cloud-based iSCSI target device.

    For information, see Section 7.3, Connecting to a Server.

  3. Select the server, then create a pair as described in Section 8.2, Creating a Pair.

    Specify the primary path as a location on a device running in the local network (non-cloud-based device). Specify the secondary path as a location on the cloud-based iSCSI target device that is attached to the Windows server.

  4. Associate the pair with one or more existing policies by using the methods described in Section 9.6, Associating or Disassociating Pairs and Policies.