1.1 What’s New for Dynamic File Services 2.2

In addition to bug fixes, Novell Dynamic File Services 2.2 provides the following enhancements and changes for installation and upgrade:

1.1.1 Upgrade Support

You can perform an in-place upgrade from Dynamic File Services 2.1 to Dynamic File Services 2.2. A computer restart is required. For information, see Section 5.0, Upgrading to Dynamic File Services 2.2.

A computer restart is not required if you uninstall the old product (making sure to keep the existing program data files), then install the new product. The retained databases and configuration files are updated to the new format during the reinstallation. After the reinstallation, you must register a license key, and perform the verification tasks described in Section 5.5, Post-Upgrade Changes and Tasks. For information about uninstalling the product, see Section B.0, Using the Uninstall Tool to Modify, Repair, or Remove Dynamic File Services.

1.1.2 Microsoft .NET 4.0.3?

Dynamic File Services 2.2 requires Microsoft .NET 4.0.3? to be installed before the product can be installed or upgraded. For information, see Section 2.3, Software Requirements.