Updating the eDirectory Schema for NetWare

When upgrading a NetWare server to eDirectory 8.7.3, you might need to update the eDirectory schema by running DSRepair on the server that has the master replica of the root partition.

IMPORTANT:  If the master replica of the root partition resides on a Windows server, follow the instructions in Updating the eDirectory Schema for Windows.

If one or both of the following conditions exist, you must run dsrepair.nlm before installing the first eDirectory server in your tree:

To update the schema:

  1. Copy the appropriate dsrepair.nlm file from the product CD (or downloaded and expanded file) to the sys:\system directory of the server that contains the master replica of the Tree partition.

    For This Version of NetWare With This Version of NDS Copy

    4.11 or 4.2

    6.17 or later

    patches\dsrepair\ nw4x\dsrepair.nlm

    5.0 or later

    NDS 7, version 7.47 or later

    patches\dsrepair\ nw5x\dsrepair.nlm

    5.0 or later

    8.11 or 8.17

    (Not supported)

    5.0 or later

    NDS eDirectory 8, version 8.51 or later

    IMPORTANT:  You don't need to run this version of DSRepair with Novell eDirectory 8.6, version 103xx.xx, or Novell eDirectory 8.7, version 104xx.xx.

    patches\dsrepair\ nwnds8\dsrepair. nlm

  2. At the server console of the master replica of the root partition, load dsrepair.nlm.

  3. Select Advanced Options Menu > Global Schema Operations.

  4. Enter the Administrator's name (for example, Admin.VMP) and password.

  5. Select Post NetWare 5 Schema Update > Yes.

    dsreapir.nlm updates the schema and posts the results to the dsrepair.log file.

    Ignore errors associated with adding object classes. dsreapir.nlm is simply applying the Post NetWare 5 Schema Update changes to each object.

  6. Copy the appropriate patch version of dsreapir.nlm to each NetWare server in the eDirectory tree.

    Use the table in Step 1 as a reference. Having a correct version on each server ensures that the schema needed for eDirectory is properly maintained when dsrepair.nlm is run in the future.

    If you use an earlier version of dsreapir.nlm and select Rebuild Operational Schema, schema enhancements made by the Post NetWare 5 Schema Update will be lost. To resolve lost schema enhancements, run dsrepair.nlm according to the following table.

    If You Are Running DSREPAIR.NLM From Here Then

    A server that holds a writable replica of the root partition

    Reapply the Post NetWare 5 Schema Update to your eDirectory tree.

    From any other server

    Select Advanced Options > Global Schema Operations > Request Schema from Tree.

    This action resynchronizes the schema from the root of the tree.

  7. Close dsrepair.nlm before installing eDirectory on the server.

    If dsrepair.nlm is loaded, the server might not restart.

Schema Extension in a Mixed Tree

On NetWare, the schema for the native HTTP stack is not extended at the time of installation. But on Windows NT and UNIX platforms, schema extension is done during the installation using httpstk.sch.

If the tree contains NetWare servers and other platforms, use NWConfig on the NetWare server to extend the schema, using the \nt\I386\NDSonNT\ndsnt\nds\httpstk.sch file.

  1. At the server console, load nwconfig.nlm.

  2. Select Directory Options > Extend Schema.

  3. Enter an administrator name and password.

  4. Press F3 (F4 if you're using RCONSOLE) and specify the path to the \nt\I386\NDSonNT\ndsnt\nds\httpstk.sch file (on CD, or downloaded from the Web).

  5. Press Enter.