LDAP Connect User's Guide


About This Guide

1   Welcome to LDAP Connect for exteNd Composer

About exteNd Composer and the Connect Architecture
Hub and Spoke Architecture
About exteNd's LDAP Connect
What Are Directories?
How Is Information Stored in a Directory?
What is LDAP?
What Does LDAP Do?
LDAP Verbs
What is DSML?
What Kinds of Applications Can You Build Using the LDAP Connect?
LDAP and Security
Access Control
For More Information

2   Getting Started with the LDAP Component Editor

About Connection Resources
About Expression-Driven Connection Parameters
LDAP Connection Parameters
Security Settings
Creating an LDAP Connection Resource
Connection Troubleshooting
Exception After Successful Connection
Silent Failover
Editing Connection Resources After They're Created

3   Creating an LDAP Component

The LDAP Application Model
Before Creating an LDAP Component
Special Features of the LDAP Component Editor
LDAP Native Environment Pane
Drag-and-Drop Operations
Special Menu Commands

4   DSML Actions

Working with DSML
Multiple Requests in a Single DSML Document
The Create DSML Action
The Execute DSML Action
Using Other Actions in the LDAP Component Editor

5   Working with LDAP and DSML

DSE Query Example
Connection Resource for Anonymous Bind
Component and Action Model
Dealing with Errors
ECMAScript and the LDAP Connect
LDAP Extension Methods
Access Control List (ACL) Methods
Access to Novell LDAP Classes
ECMAScript Example Involving LDIF

A   LDAP Glossary

B   LDAP Result Codes

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