B.5 Considerations for NAS Devices

File Dynamics can manage storage on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices through a Proxy Agent. Integration information for reporting on specific NAS device types is found below.

B.5.1 EMC Celerra

For an EMC Celerra NAS device, configuration is similar to configuring a server in the domain to be managed by a Proxy Agent.

  1. Join the NAS device to a domain where File Dynamics can manage from.

  2. Grant the proxy rights group membership in the NAS device's built-in Administrators group.

  3. Grant the proxy rights group the folder share that are required to access the storage.

  4. Grant the LSA rights and privileges to the proxy rights group, except the rights and privileges that don't exist on the EMC Celerra NAS device.

B.5.2 EMC Isilon and Other NAS Devices

Perform the following steps to integrate an EMC Isilon device. You can use these same steps to see if other NAS devices integrate with File Dynamics.

  1. In the associated Computer object in Active Directory, add the following text somewhere in the description attribute for that object:


  2. Rebuild the storage resources and verify that the NAS device is displayed on the list.

  3. Perform any needed steps for giving the proxy rights group access to the desired shares and folders on the NAS device.