5.0 Managing Existing User Storage

Because File Dynamics is deployed into an existing Microsoft network with users, groups, containers, and domains already established in Active Directory, your principle focus should be to start managing the storage that is assigned to these users. This process involves several tasks:

  • Running reports to determine the status of your user storage

  • Creating policies that standardize the storage allocation, quota, rights, and more

  • Testing these policies to verify that they are working as desired

  • Running Management Actions to invoke the policies settings on the existing users

By completing this section, you not only put your existing users’ storage into a managed state and set it up for ongoing management through File Dynamics, but you also learn the basic procedures for reporting and for setting user policies. After completing the procedures in this chapter, refer to the remainder of the Micro Focus File Dynamics 6.5 Administration Guide for more detailed content on these tasks as well as many others.