11.3 Establishing the Work Log Database Settings in the Admin Client

Follow these procedures to establish the CouchDB settings in the Admin Client.

  1. In the Admin Client, click the Configuration tab.

  2. Click Work Log Configuration.

  3. In the Database Host field, enter the IP address or DNS hostname of the server hosting the CouchDB database.

  4. In the Port field, enter 5984.

  5. In the Database Name field, establish a name for the CouchDB database instance for the Work Log.

    Letters used for the database name must be lowercase.

  6. In the Admin Username and Admin Password fields, enter the username and passwords you established in when you installed CouchDB.

  7. Click Provision.

    If you go back to the Apache CouchDB administrative interface and click Databases in the menu bar, you should now see the database name you entered in Step 5.

  8. Return to the Admin Client and in the Work Log Configuration region, specify the settings you want for Work Log entries.

  9. Click Apply.