5.15 Using the Policy Path Reporter

If you are using Novell File Reporter in a network environment that includes Novell Storage Manager, you can use the Policy Path Reporter that you installed earlier to report on NSM policy paths, rather than simply reporting on volumes.

This capability is particularly powerful because it allows you to specify the target paths where user and collaborative storage resides on the network. Because network user and collaborative home folders tend to be the source of most of the stale, redundant, and non-work-related file types, the Policy Path Reporter can quickly and easily be the means of generating reports on the storage areas that you care about most.

  1. Launch NSMAdmin.

  2. Click the Policy Management tab.

  3. Select a listed Novell Storage Manager policy.

  4. From the Report on Policy Paths drop-down menu, select either Report on Policy User Paths or Report on Policy Collaborative Paths.

    The Report on Policy Paths drop-down menu looks like this:

    The following page appears:

  5. Click the + next to the policy to view the associated target paths.

  6. In a selected target path, browse down to the level of the file system that you want to include in the report.

  7. Right-click the folder or subfolder and select the report type you want to generate.

    A report-specific dialog box appears with applicable additional criteria and report generation options.

  8. (Conditional) If there are additional criteria to specify for the report, select them in the Additional Criteria region of the dialog box.

  9. Click Set Filter. In the Filter Settings dialog box that appears, specify your filter parameters or open a saved filter through Import Filter Settings.

  10. Click OK to close the Filter Settings dialog box.

  11. Do one of the following:

    • Click Preview Report > Run Report.

    • Click Detail Report > Run Report.

    The report is generated and presented.

  12. (Optional) Save the report.

    For an explanation of options to save reports, see Section 5.5, Saving Reports.