5.7 Configuring Novell Storage Manager to Work with Novell File Reporter (Conditional)

These procedures are necessary only if you are installing and configuring the NFR Engine in an eDirectory managed network environment that includes Novell Storage Manager.

IMPORTANT:Novell File Reporter integration capability is built into Novell Storage Manager 2.5 SP1 and later. If you are working with an older version of Novell Storage Manager 2.5, download SP1 (also known as Version 2.51) by visiting Novell Downloads or the Novell Storage Manager Support Site.

In this section, you use Novell Storage Manager’s NSMAdmin administrative interface to install the Novell File Reporter license and set up user groups for Novell File Reporter.

  1. Launch NSMAdmin.

  2. Click the Configure tab.

  3. Click File Reporter.

  4. Click the Configuration tab.

    The following page appears:

  5. In the Licensing section of the page, click the Upload License File button.

  6. Click the folder button to browse to the location where you stored the license file in Step 7, select the license file, and click Open.

  7. Click Upload.

  8. When you are prompted that the license uploaded successfully, click OK.

    The Service Accounts section of the page is where you indicate the groups that will have administrative and limited administrative rights (such as help desk workers) in the Admins Group and Users Group fields.

  9. In the Admins Group field, click the Browse button, locate and select the group you want to designate as administrators (for example, NFRAdmins), and click Open.

  10. In the Users Group field, click the Browse button, locate and select the group you want to designate as users with limited administrative rights (for example, NFRUsers), and click Open.

  11. Click Apply.

  12. When you are notified that the changes were successfully applied, click OK.

  13. Proceed with Section 5.8, Installing the NSM Policy Reporter Plug-In into NSMAdmin (Conditional).