19.6 Viewing, Wiping, and Disconnecting Registered Clients

Filr lets you manage registered client devices from the Filr Administration Console.

You can remove devices from the registration list and schedule the removal (wiping) of all Filr data from the device the next time the user logs in.

For more detail, refer to the descriptions of dialog buttons, fields, and so on in Table 19-5.

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Registered Clients

Table 19-5 Using the Registered Clients dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Registered Clients - System Wide

  • Delete button

  • Click this to remove a device from the list.

    This doesn’t affect the device, only its registration status with Filr.

    The device is re-registered if the user logs in again.

  • Wipe drop-down

  • Schedule Devices to be Wiped: If you select this, then the next time the user logs in to the device, the user password and all online and available-offline files are removed from the device. The Filr application then exits, but it is not uninstalled or removed from the device.

  • Clear Scheduled Wipe from Devices: This removes the scheduled wipe and no information is removed the next time the user logs in to the device.

  • Device Name

  • The name given to the device by the device owner.

  • OS Version

  • The operating system on the device.

  • Client

  • The version of the Filr application that is installed on the registered device.

  • User

  • The name of the Filr user who logged in from the listed device.

  • Last Login

  • The date and time when the device was last used to log in to the Filr system.

  • Wipe Scheduled

  • This indicates whether a wipe has been scheduled to occur so that all Filr data is removed from the device the next time the user logs in from it.

  • Last Wipe

  • The last time Filr data was wiped from the device.

  • Filter List

  • Filter the displayed list by typing a string found in any of the rows. For example, you could type 7 to see a list of Windows 7 registered clients.

  • Gear icon

  • Click this to access the Edit Column Sizes dialog.