3.3 Mobile Device Access—Default Settings

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console System > Mobile Applications

Table 3-3 Using the Configure Mobile Applications dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Allow mobile applications to:

  • Access Filr

  • Select this to allow access to Filr through Filr mobile apps.

  • Cache the user’s password

  • Select this to let users enable the Save Password option when logging in to the Filr site through a Filr mobile app.

  • Allow files to be added to the Downloads area for offline access

  • Force PIN Code

  • Cut/Copy

  • Select this to let users cut or copy data from the Filr mobile app so that the data can be pasted into third-party applications.

  • Screen capture (affects Android only)

  • Select this to let users take a screen capture while inside the Filr application.

    IMPORTANT:As noted in the option name, this only applies to Android devices. iOS users can always take screen captures.

  • Disable applications on rooted or jail-broken devices

  • Select this to prevent users from running the Filr mobile app on devices that have been rooted or jail-broken.

Open in: drop-down list

  • Click the drop-down list and select the option that is best for your organization as described in the rows below.

  • This controls whether users can open files in third-party apps through Filr.

    For example, a user views a file in Filr, opens and modifies the file in a document editing app, then saves the file back to the Filr app.

  • iOS calls this Open In functionality; Android devices refer to it as Share or Send To.

IMPORTANT:For MobileIron device management, the following points apply:

  • In almost all cases the Filr and MobileIron settings must be consistent with each other.

  • The exception is if you want only the MobileIron-managed devices to have Open In capabilities.

    To cause this behavior,

    1. Enable Open In in MobileIron.

    2. Disable Open In in Filr.

  • Disabled option

  • This prevents users from opening files in Filr using third-party applications.

  • All applications option

  • This lets users open files in Filr using any third-party application.

  • Whitelist option

  • This opens two Whitelists (Android and iOS) of third-party apps that users are allowed to open files into.


    • Only Android package names and iOS bundle IDs are valid list entries.

    • To get an Android app package name:

      1. Install the Package Name Viewer app from the Google Play store.

        This app displays the package name for each app that is currently installed on the device.

    • To find the bundle ID for an iOS app:

      1. Synchronize the app to iTunes from your device.

      2. In the iTunes library, open the Mobile Applications folder.

        For iTunes on Mac, the default location is your Home directory at: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

        For iTunes On Windows, the default location is C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications/

      3. Create a copy of the app’s file, and re-save the copy as a .zip file.

      4. Unzip the newly created .zip file.

        You now see a folder by the name of the application name.

      5. Locate the iTunesMetadata.plist file within the folder and open it in a text editor.

      6. The bundle ID is the string displayed below the softwareVersionBundleid key within the file.

Mobile synchronization

  • Synchronize every X Minutes

  • Specify how many minutes the mobile apps wait after a desktop synchronization ends before they start another synchronization with Filr.

    Default=15 minutes.

  • You can use this to control the synchronization load that the Filr mobile app puts on Filr.

OK button

  • Click this to save your changes.

    Current user sessions are not affected. To see changes, users must log in to a new session.

Cancel button

  • Click this to cancel the changes you have made.