3.6 Web Browser Access—Individual Users and Groups

Path: Port 8443 Filr Admin Console Management > Users/Groups > select one or more users or groups > More > select a file download or web access option from the list below

Table 3-6 Using the More Options to Control Web Access for Individual Users and Groups

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

  • Disable File Downloads

  • Enable File Downloads

  • Use Default File Download Setting

  • Disable Web Access

  • Enable Web Access

  • Use Default Web Access Setting

  • These options do not all appear at the same time.

    They change, dynamically, to reflect alternate choices to the options configured in Web Browser Access—Default Settings.

  • Select an available option in the More drop-down list for the selected users or groups.

    The action is immediately applied to the selected user or group accounts and the drop-down list changes dynamically to reflect the new settings.