8.6 Downloading and Installing the KeyShield SSO SSL Certificate

  1. Open a third browser session and access the Filr appliance on port 9443:


    For example https:

  2. Log in as vaadmin.

  3. Switch to the KeyShield browser-based console and under General/Web Interface, click Edit.

  4. Click the Download button for the HTTPS Keystore.

  5. Save the Keyshield.cer file on the workstation running the browser.

  6. Switch to the browser session opened in Step 1 and click the Appliance Configuration icon.

  7. Click the Digital Certificates icon.

  8. Click File > Import > Trusted Certificate.

  9. Click Browse, then browse to the location where you saved the Keyshield.cer file and click Open.

  10. Click OK to import the certificate file.

  11. Acknowledge the message about restarting the appliance by clicking OK.

  12. Click the back arrow in the browser, then select Reboot.

  13. After the system restarts, continue with the next section, Testing the KeyShield SSO Configuration.