18.15 Filr Data Security

18.15.1 Understanding Administrator Access to Filr Data

The Filr administrator can see all files and folders:

  • In each user's My Files area (includes files in personal storage or files in a home directory on a remote file server)

  • In every Net Folder

This includes file content as well as file metadata (comments, creation and modification information, and so forth).

18.15.2 Limiting Physical Access to Filr Servers

Servers where Micro Focus Filr data resides should be kept physically secure so that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the server consoles.

18.15.3 Protecting the Filr Database

Depending on your local security guidelines, you might want to encrypt the database connections between the Filr software and the Filr database. SSL-encrypted data between the Filr application and the database server imposes a performance penalty because of the increased overhead of encrypting and decrypting the retrieved data.

Support for this is highly dependent on the database client drivers and JDBC connector support, and on how you are configuring your database client and server certificates. You should check with your database vendor on how to set up SSL connections on both the client and server sides of the connection. You might need to modify the JDBC URL on an all-in-one (small) Filr deployment. For example, for MySQL, you might add useSSL=true&requireSSL=true to the options part of the JDBC URL.