13.1 Enabling Debug Logging

IMPORTANT:Do not adjust the settings described in this section unless you are instructed to do so by a Filr support engineer.

Adjusting the settings without guidance from Filr support can negatively impact the performance of your Filr deployment.

13.1.1 Enabling Debug Logging for Filr

IMPORTANT:These steps should only be followed in consultation with a Filr support engineer.

  1. In a text editor, open the log4j.properties file from the following directory:


  2. Uncomment each line for which you want to enable debug logging in the log4j.properties file.

    For example, to trace file synchronization and accesses through mirrored folders, uncomment the following lines in the log4j.properties file:


    To trace interactions with resource drivers, uncomment the following lines in the log4j.properties file:

  3. Monitor the /var/opt/novell/tomcat-filr/logs/appserver.log file.

  4. Restart the Filr service.

13.1.2 Enabling Debug Logging for FAMT

IMPORTANT:The instructions in this section should only be followed in consultation with a Filr support engineer.

Setting Debug Logging for FAMT

  1. From the command line of the Filr appliance, change to the following directory:


  2. Set the FAMT log level as follows:

    ./famtconfig -s loglevel 4


    To view the current log level:

    ./famtconfig -g loglevel

Viewing FAMT Log Files

  1. Change to the following location on the Filr server:


    The famtd.log, debug, and core files are available for debugging functionality issues related to FAMT.

Clearing FAMT Log Files

  1. Run the following command to clear the log files:


    FAMT logs are rotated after the log size exceeds 5MB.

13.1.3 Configuring Debug Logging for SMB Communications

IMPORTANT:These steps should only be followed in consultation with a Filr support engineer.

The /var/opt/novell/filr/log/smbclient.log log file captures SMB/CIFS communications with Net Folders on Windows and Micro Focus OES servers (including OES for NSS AD).

About the smbclient.log File

Filr support engineers use the information captured in the smbclient.log file to troubleshoot SMB communication issues.

Log levels can range from 1 (the default) to 10. Each increase in level causes the system to log additional information.

The smbclient.log file gets rotated to smbclient.log.old when it reaches approximately 5 MB in size. Depending on the scope of the issue being addressed, your Filr support engineer might instruct you to increase the log-file size setting by modifying the max log size parameter under the [global] section of the smb.conf file.

Your Filr support engineer might also ask you to redirect log output to another file by using the following command at the terminal prompt: # tail -F /var/opt/novell/filr/log/smbclient.log >> file-name-with-path

Changing the Debug Level

As directed by a Filr support engineer, do the following:

  1. At the appliance terminal prompt, launch a text editor such as VI and open the smb.conf file located here:


  2. Add a parameter to control the SMB log level by inserting the following line under the [global] section in smb.conf:

    log level = number-specified-by-Filr-support-engineer

  3. Save the smb.conf file.

  4. Restart famtd by entering the following command:

    # rcnovell-famtd restart

  5. After your support issue is resolved, ensure that you reset the log level to 1 and restart famtd by using the instructions above.