A.2 Filr Appliances

A.2.1 Number of Filr Appliances

  • Deploy 4 Filr appliances (minimum) in a Filr cluster (farm).

  • Locate 3 behind a load-balancing / round-robin switch.

  • Dedicate 1 to Filr administration and to Net Folder synchronization and indexing.

A.2.2 Configuring the Dedicated Filr Appliance

A.2.3 Use the Dedicated Filr Appliance for Upgrade Testing

When upgrading, use the dedicated appliance as the test appliance as follows:

  1. Shut down all other appliances

  2. Upgrade the dedicated appliance.

  3. Make sure the appliance is performing as expected before upgrading the other three Filr appliances and bringing the Filr system back online.

A.2.4 Separate Filr REST and Web Requests at L4 Switch

  • To help balance the load between REST requests (from the Filr desktop and mobile applications), and web browser requests, configure the L4 switch to direct REST requests to one of the three load-balanced Filr appliances and web requests to another Filr appliance. (The third load-balanced Filr appliance can continue to service both request types.)

A.2.5 Filr CPUs

  • As a best practice, you should always leave the CPU setting on Filr Appliances at 4 CPUs.

  • Do not set the CPUs on the dedicated Filr appliance at less than 4 CPU's.