C.0 MySQL Appliance—Configuring (Alternate Practice)

Figure 8-3 illustrates that the MySQL appliance is configured to recognize the Filr appliances and allow them to connect before they are set up and deployed.

Figure C-1 Deploying MySQL

Table C-1 Configuring a MySQL Appliance

Page or Dialog

Do This


IMPORTANT:The following steps assume that you installed and prepared a MySQL appliance as documented in the previous chapters, in addition to your Filr and Filrsearch appliances.


  1. Using a browser on your management workstation, access the Port 9443 Administration Utility on the MySQL appliance by entering the following URL:


    Where IP_Address is the IP address of the MySQL appliance.

MySQL Appliance Sign In

  1. Log in as the vaadmin user with the password that you set for the appliance in Vaadmin password and confirmation:.

MySQL Tools

  1. Click the phpMyAdmin button to launch the phpMyAdmin utility.

  2. Log in as root with password root.


  1. Under General Settings, click Change Password.

  2. Type and retype (confirm) a new password for the phpMyAdmin root user, then click Go.

    IMPORTANT:If you click the Generate button, the generated password takes precedence over your typed passwords.

    Be sure to note the generated password and use it when configuring Filr.

  3. Click the Users tab.

Users Overview

  1. Under New, click Add User.

Login Information

  1. Type filr in the User Name field.

    HINT:You can specify any name for the user and associated database. If you specify a different name, then when you set up the Filr appliances, you will need to use that name instead of filr.

  2. For the Host field, select Use Host Table.

  3. In the Host field, type the IP addresses for each of the Filr appliances that you will configure.

  4. In the Password and Re-type fields, type and re-type (confirm) a password for the new filr user, then scroll down.

    IMPORTANT:You will need this password when you configure the Filr appliances.

Database for user

  1. Select Create database with same name and grant all privileges.

  2. In the bottom right corner of the dialog, click Go.

    A filr user entry is added and the corresponding database is created.

Users Overview

  1. Notice that the filr user is listed with the appliances’ IP addresses shown in the Host column.

  2. Return to Setting Up the Filr Appliances.