E.0 OES 2015 NSS AD as a Net Folder Server

Although both Filr 3.0 and OES 2015 NSS AD support SMB v2, Filr configures Net Folder connections that point to NSS AD servers to use the SMB v1 protocol.

If you have Net Folder Server connections that point to NSS AD servers, you should change Filr to use SMB v2 for the connections by doing the following:

  1. Ensure that the OES 2015 NSS AD server has the latest patches applied.

  2. If SSH is not enabled on the Filr appliance, do the following:

    1. Log in to the Filr appliance at https://server_url:9443 as the vaadmin user.

    2. Click System Services, then click SSH > Action > Start.

  3. Using an SSH client, log in to the Filr appliance as the root user.

  4. Run the following command:

    /opt/novell/filr/bin/famtconfig -s ncifsSMB 2

  5. Restart famtd by running the following command.

    # rcnovell-famtd restart

    IMPORTANT:If you do not restart famtd, then the SMB v1 protocol is used for connections made prior to doing Step 4.

  6. For large, clustered deployments, repeat these steps for all of the Filr servers in the cluster

NOTE:To reset the Filr connections with OES 2015 NSS AD servers from SMB v2 back to SMB v1, run the following commands:

/opt/novell/filr/bin/famtconfig -s ncifsSMB 1

# rcnovell-famtd restart