5.1 Troubleshooting Email Issues

5.1.1 Uploading Attachments to the Filr Server Fails

When you use the Filr Plugin to attach files to an Outlook email, the uploading of the attachments to the Filr server might fail because of the following:

  • Network issues or the Filr server is not available.

  • The attachment contains a file of the type that the Filr Administrator has blocked.

  • The size of the attachment exceeds the file upload size limit that the Filr Administrator has set.

  • No sufficient space in the Filr Appliance storage.

. Consequently, Outlook fails to send such emails and save them in the drafts folder.

5.1.2 Unable to Send Emails When Drafts Is Selected

If you select Drafts and then attempt to send an Outlook email having attachments that is sent through Filr, the email is not sent but saved in the Drafts folder. To send the email, open the email, select Inbox, and then click Send on the email.