3.1 Filr Administrative Users

Filr appliances are installed and administered in two phases and require two different administrative users, each with different Web-based administrative tools, as explained in the following sections:

3.1.1 vaadmin

vaadmin takes over the installation process after the initial deployment is finished. It then configures appliance services so that they are fully operational.

Use vaadmin to change or adjust appliance settings. For example,

  • Installing certificates and licenses

  • Adjusting the network configuration

  • Setting up Filr clustering

3.1.2 admin (the Built-in Port 8443 Administrator)

After the appliances are fully operational, most of the administrative work is accomplished using the Filr admin user account.

The first time you log in, the username/password are admin/admin. You are prompted to change this. See Assigning and Managing Port 8443 Direct Administrators in the Filr 3.43.4: Administrative UI Reference.

You use this administrative user to do everything within the Port 8443 administrative console, including the following:

  • Import (synchronize) users and groups from LDAP identity stores

  • Create additional Filr users

  • Set up My Files personal storage

  • Set up Net Folders

  • Set synchronization schedules

  • Manage access

  • Manage quotas

  • Manage shares

3.1.3 Direct Port 8443 Administrators

There are two types of Port 8443 Administrators

  • Built in (admin): Has full rights to the Port 8443 console, including the right to add or remove Direct administrators.

  • Direct: Have rights to administer only

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Mobile Devices

    • Net Folders

    • Net Folder Servers

3.1.4 root

Micro Focus Filr and the appliances associated with it are special-purpose virtual machines. They are designed to be configured and managed using the Web-based management consoles (above). Although it is possible to access the appliance using the terminal prompt or through an SSH connection, Micro Focus strongly discourages this practice because it can result in service disruption or more serious problems, including data loss.

If you contact Micro Focus Support with a Filr support incident, you might be asked to access the appliance’s terminal prompt as the root user. Otherwise, there are no Filr administrative tasks that involve root or the bash interface.