12.2 Understanding Sharing

12.2.1 Sharing and Shared-access Roles

When users send share invitations, they must designate the role that they want share recipients to have for the file or folder being shared. The roles associated with sharing are the same as Net Folder roles.

Filr administrators who allow Net Folder sharing should understand the following foundational concepts.

  • Share Invitations Always Include a Shared-access Role: When users receive share invitations, they also receive one of three shared-access roles: Viewer, Editor, or Contributor. These provide share recipients with the same rights as Net Folder User roles.

  • Users Can’t Share Roles That They Don’t Have: Users can only grant shared- access roles that correspond to their Net Folder roles or are more restrictive.

    For example, a user with the Viewer role can only grant the Viewer shared-access role to other users.

    On the other hand, a user with the Contributor role can grant the Viewer, Editor, or Contributor shared-access role to other users. There is, however, a caveat on this point as explained in Folder Role Determination Is More Complex.

    NOTE:Because users have all rights to their My Files area, they can share any role to a folder or file, provided that sharing is enabled on the system.

  • The Highest Role Wins: If multiple users share the same item with a single user, the user receiving the share has the highest role that was granted along with the share.

    For example, if User B shares a file with User A and grants User A the Viewer role to the file, and then User C shares the same file with User A and grants the Editor role to the file, User A has Editor rights to the file.

12.2.2 Shared Access to Net Folders Is Always through a Proxy User

When Filr users access a Net Folder-based file or folder in their Shared With Me folder, they access it through the proxy user assigned to the Net Folder where the file or folder lives. File system rights that users have or don’t have on shared items play no role when access is through Shared with Me.