19.3 Configuring the POA with Multiple DVAs for Indexing

The Document Viewer Agent (DVA) converts attached document files from a wide variety of formats into HTML format for indexing by the POA and for viewing in GroupWise WebAccess. You can run up to three DVAs to service conversion requests for a single instance of the POA. Each DVA must be installed on a different server.

  1. Set up multiple DVAs in your GroupWise system.

    For instructions, see Scaling Your DVA Installation.

  2. In the GroupWise Administration Console, browse to and click the POA

  3. Click the Document Viewer Agent tab.

  4. Click Add Document Viewer Agent, and then select a DVA from the drop-down list.

  5. (Optional) Repeat Step 4 to add a third DVA.

  6. Click Save, and then click Close to return to the main Administration Console window.

Corresponding Startup Switches: You can also use the ‑‑dvanipaddr, ‑‑dvanport, and ‑‑dvanssl switches in the POA startup file to configure multiple DVAs.