13.2 Resending Items

Occasionally you may have a desire to resend or even retract mail items, which may include some of the reasons below:

  • Information is missing or inaccurate in the subject line or body of the message

  • You need to add or omit an addressee in the To, CC, or BC lines

  • You need to add, change, or remove an attachment

In GroupWise Web, you can edit and resend original mail and telephone messages, and even retract those type of messages when they are unread.

If you would like to remove the original item as part of the Resend, see the next section about retracting the original item.

To resend an original mail or phone message:

  1. Select the sent mail item in the Sent Item folder or, if you are also a recipient of the message, you can select it in the Mailbox folder.

  2. Choose Resend from the ellipsis drop-down menu on the toolbar.

    NOTE:The Resend option is also in the menu if you right-click an item.

  3. Make any desired changes in the message body or in the Addressee or Subject lines.

  4. Click Send.