9.1 Linux: Installing the GroupWise Server Software

Reference these sections for information on preparing and installing GroupWise Server software.

9.1.1 Preparing the Linux Server for Your GroupWise System

To prepare the Linux server for your GroupWise system:

  1. Ensure that the server for your GroupWise system meets the system requirements listed in GroupWise Server Requirements.

  2. Ensure that the Linux operating system media is available, either physically or in a repository, in case the Installation Wizard needs to install supporting packages on the Linux server.

  3. Ensure that the server has a static IP address.

  4. (Optional) Ensure that the folders exist where you want to create your domain and post office folder structures, as described in Domain Folder and Post Office Folder.

  5. Continue with Running the Linux GroupWise Installation Wizard.

9.1.2 Running the Linux GroupWise Installation Wizard

To install GroupWise on a Linux server:

  1. Download and extract the GroupWise 18 software to a temporary location on your server.

  2. In a terminal window, become root by entering su - and the root password.

  3. Browse to the location of the extracted software, and run the following command to start the install:

  4. Type the number for the language in which you want to run the GroupWise Installation Wizard, and press Enter to select OK.

  5. (Optional) Type 1 for Documentation, and then press Enter to review the Readme, Quick Start, and Installation Guide to better prepare yourself for the installation.

  6. Type 2 for Installation and press Enter.

  7. Enter a to accept the License Agreement and to display the Software list.

  8. Enter 1 for GroupWise Server and to display the Actions list.

  9. Enter 1 for Install and to install the GroupWise Server component.

    The packages for the GroupWise Server component (Admin Service and agents) are installed on the server. If any supporting packages are not available on the server, the Installation Wizard automatically installs them from the operating system media.

  10. When the installation is finished, press any key to return to the Installation Options list.

    All of the GroupWise agents are installed on every GroupWise server. The MTA and, optionally, the GWIA are configured to run on a domain server. The POA and the DVA are configured to run on a post office server.

  11. Enter 2 for Configure to start the GroupWise Admin Service and display instructions for accessing the Installation console to create a new GroupWise system.

  12. Right-click the URL under To install or configure a new GroupWise server, and then click Open Link to open your web browser.

    If your web browser does not offer this functionality, open your web browser and copy the URL into it.

  13. Accept the GroupWise CA signed certificate that the Installation Wizard automatically provides for accessing the Installation console.

    The browser session will then authorize you for the next hour to perform installation console tasks. If the browser does not automatically authorize the session, you must manually authorize it by running in a terminal the gwadmin-ipc authorize command specified in your web browser.

  14. Continue with the instructions for the type of GroupWise system that you want to create: