2.2 Sending Mail

2.2.1 Sending a Message

  1. In your Mailbox, tap , then tap New Mail.

  2. In the To box, start typing the recipient’s user name. GroupWise attempts to match the typed name to names in your Frequent Contacts list. If you see the correct match, tap the name to add it to the recipients list, or continue typing the recipient’s email address.


    Tap to display a list of your Frequent Contacts, then tap a name to add it to the recipient list.

  3. (Optional) Tap the Cc/Bc box to add carbon copy recipients and blind copy recipients.

    Carbon copy recipients (CC) receive a copy of an item. All recipients can see that a carbon copy was sent. They can also see the names of the CC recipients.

    Blind copy recipients (BC) receive a copy of an item. Other recipients receive no information about blind copies. Only the sender and the blind copy recipient know that a blind copy was sent. If a recipient replies and chooses Reply to All, blind copy recipients do not receive the reply.

  4. Tap the Subject box to add a subject.

  5. Tap the Message box to add a message.

  6. (Optional) Tap to set the Send options, such as making the message a high priority, requesting a reply, or requesting notification of message delivery.

  7. (Optional) Tap Attach, select the type of attachment from the list, then select the file to include with your message.

  8. Tap Send.

2.2.2 Posting a Message to Your Mailbox

You can write a mail message to yourself and post it to your own Mailbox. You can then move the message to another folder or to your Tasklist.

  1. In your Mailbox, tap , then tap New Mail.

  2. Tap to change the mail message to a personal message.

  3. Tap the Subject box to add a subject.

  4. Tap the Message box to add a message.

  5. (Optional) Tap to set the message classification and priority.

  6. Tap Post.

2.2.3 Saving an Unfinished Message

You can save unfinished mail messages to send or post at another time. Messages are not auto-saved during creation, so you need to save them manually.

  1. In an open mail message, tap .

The item is saved in the Work In Progress folder . You can continue working on the mail message, or you can close it and return to it at a later time.

2.2.4 Setting Send Options

There are four Send options that you can set before sending a mail message:

  1. In an open mail message, tap .

  2. Tap the option and select the desired setting:

    Classification: A classification is a security setting that lets the recipient know if the message is confidential, top secret, and so forth. This information appears at the top of the message. A classification does not provide any encryption or additional security. It is meant to alert the recipient to the relative sensitivity of the message.

    Priority: The small icon next to a message in the Mailbox is red when the priority is high, white when the priority is standard, and gray when the priority is low. The title of the message also reflects the priority of the item when opened.

    Reply Requested: Informs the recipient that you want a reply when convenient or within a specified number of days.

    Return Notification: Notifies you when the message is opened or deleted.