73.7 Synchronizing Your Caching Mailbox with Your Online Mailbox

73.7.1 Synchronizing Items

To synchronize items, click Accounts > Send/Retrieve > GroupWise.

73.7.2 Synchronizing Rules

To synchronize rules, click Tools > Rules, and then click Refresh.

73.7.3 Retrieving Addresses from an Address Book

You can retrieve addresses from the GroupWise Address Book or from personal address books.

Retrieving Addresses from the Groupwise Address Book

  1. Click Tools > Address Book.

  2. Click View > Retrieve Groupwise Address Book.

Retrieving Addresses from a Personal Address Book

To retrieve addresses from a personal address book:

  1. Click Tools > Address Book.

  2. Click View > Retrieve Personal Address Books.

73.7.4 Automatically Downloading Address Books to Your Mailbox

To specify that the Groupwise Address Book, your personal address books, and rules be downloaded to your Caching Mailbox on a regular basis:

  1. Click Accounts > Account Options.

  2. Click your GroupWise account, and then click Properties.

  3. Click the Advanced tab, and then select Refresh address books and rules every “x” days.

  4. Specify how often you want the address books and rules to be refreshed, and then click OK.

73.7.5 Simultaneously Updating All Items in Your Caching Mailbox

To simultaneously update all items in your caching mailbox, click Tools > Retrieve Entire Mailbox.

Updating your entire Caching Mailbox can take a lot of time and bandwidth (just like the initial “priming” of your Caching Mailbox) and can monopolize resources in your client and at the server. You should use this complete synchronization sparingly, such as for suspected database corruption of your Caching Mailbox.

73.7.6 Working with Library Documents in Caching Mode

If you have GroupWise Library documents in your Mailbox, marking a document as In Use prevents others from modifying the document. If you don’t mark a document as In Use, someone can edit it while you have the copy in your Caching Mailbox. If you then edit the document and return it to the Master Library, your document is saved as a new version and the edits are not saved to the other version. If you don’t plan to edit a document, don’t mark it In Use. When you exit an In Use document, you’re asked to send the document to the Master Library and mark it as Available. If you are finished with the document, mark it Available to allow others to edit it.