27.1 Accepting or Declining Calendar Items

When you receive an appointment, task, or reminder note, you might not be able to accept it. In GroupWise, you can let the sender know if you accept or decline, specify a level of acceptance or availability, and add additional comments. You can also delegate the item to another user. The sender can find your response by checking the item’s properties.

If you decline an appointment after its start time, the sender sees the appointment as deleted rather than declined in the appointment’s properties.

27.1.1 Accepting or Declining an Item

To accept or decline a calendar item:

  1. Open the appointment, task, or reminder note.

  2. Click Accept or Decline on the toolbar.


    Click the down-arrow to the right of the button to select an Accept level of availability, Accept with Options, or to select Decline with Options.

  3. (Optional) If you selected Accept with Options or Decline with Options, you can type a comment, and then click OK.

    By default, the sender can view your comment by viewing the item properties in the Sent Items folder. However, for a more noticeable indication when someone declines an item, the sender has the option under Tools > Options > Send > Appointment/Task/Reminder Note to set Return Notification When Declined to Mail Receipt, Notify, or both.

  4. If the item is an Auto-Date item, click This Instance to accept or decline this one Auto-Date item, or click All Instances to accept or decline all instances of the Auto-Date item.

27.1.2 Accepting an Item to a Personal Calendar

To accept an item to a personal calendar:

  1. Open the appointment, task, or reminder note.

  2. Click the down-arrow to the right of the Accept button, and then select Accept with Options.

  3. Select the personal calendar where you want the item to appear, and then click OK.

27.1.3 Keeping a Copy of an Accepted Item in Your Mailbox

When you accept an item, you can also select to keep a copy of the item in your Mailbox folder.

  1. Click Tools > Options, and then double-click Calendar.

  2. On the General page, select On accept, continue to display the item in the Mailbox.

  3. Click OK.