43.1 GroupWise Address Book

The GroupWise Address Book is the address book configured and maintained by the GroupWise administrator. Use the GroupWise Address Book to view information about everyone in your GroupWise system.

The GroupWise Address Book is marked with a System address book icon icon in the Address Book list.

Because the GroupWise Address Book is generally quite large, you might want to search for names or use predefined filters to find the name you are looking for, rather than scrolling through the entire address book. For more information, see Searching for Users, Resources, Organizations, and Groups and Using Filters to Narrow an Address Search.

The Address Book sorts all names alphabetically by first name. If you want to view names by the last name, you can edit the columns to remove the Name column and add the First Name and Last Name columns. For more information, see Specifying the Columns to Display in an Address Book.

You can view information about contacts in the GroupWise Address Book, but you cannot edit this information.

When you use Remote mode, you can restrict the entries that are downloaded from the GroupWise Address Book to reduce download time. For more information, see Filtering the GroupWise Address Book for Your Remote Mailbox.