47.15 Searching for Address Book Entries

You can quickly find entries in an address book by using the Search List. You can also specify search criteria by defining one or more filters. For example, you can define a filter that displays only entries with last names that begin with “D.”

47.15.1 Searching for Users, Resources, Organizations, and Groups

  1. In the Main Window, click Address Book toolbar icon on the toolbar.


    Click Address on the toolbar in an item you are composing.

  2. Select the address book you want to search.

  3. In the Look For field, begin typing what you are searching for.

    Name Completion completes the name.

47.15.2 Using Filters to Narrow an Address Search

Follow these steps to narrow an address search using a filter:

  1. In the Main Window, click Address Book toolbar icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click View > Define Custom Filter.

  3. Click the first drop-down list, and then specify the column you want to filter.

  4. Click Operator List icon , and then specify an operator.

    An operator is a symbol used with a condition to specify a particular value. For example, to create a filter that lists only users whose last name is Davis, click the Last Name column, click = Equal To, and then type “Davis.” In this example, = Equal To is the operator and Davis is the condition.

    For more information, see Using Advanced Find.

  5. Type the condition you want to filter by, and then click OK.

    The filtered search sorts the address book according to the results it found.

After a filter has been defined for an address book, you can enable the filter whenever you want by displaying the address book in which you want to enable the filter and then clicking View > Custom Filter. Clicking OK enables it; it remains in effect until you turn it off or delete it.