45.1 Using Name Completion

Reference these sections to understand how name completion works and how to use it.

45.1.1 Configuring Name Completion

By default, Name Completion uses names in your Frequent Contacts and the GroupWise Address Book. You can configure GroupWise to use additional books when performing Name Completion.

  1. In the folder list in the Main Window, right-click the address book that you would like to configure, and then click Properties.

  2. On the General tab, check the Include this book when name completing box to choose whether to include the address book.

  3. Click OK.

  4. (Optional) Repeat steps 1-3 for each additional address book you would like to configure.

45.1.2 Addressing an Item with Name Completion

When you begin typing a name (first, last, or display name) or an email address in the To, CC, or BC field of an item that you are creating, Name Completion tries to complete the name or email address for you by displaying a list of recipients whose names or email addresses contain the letters you typed. It searches address books for which you’ve enabled Name Completion to find entries that match what you’re typing. Results are sorted by relevance, so users who you contact more frequently appear first in the name completion results list.

If Name Completion finds the user you are looking for, you can stop typing. If Name Completion does not find it, continue typing. Name Completion searches again after each new character you type. If Name Completion finds a name or email address that is close to, but does not exactly match the one you are looking for, you can use the Up-arrow or Down-arrow keys to scroll to adjacent names in the results list.

If Quick Info is enabled, as described in Displaying Quick Info, you can display contact information by mousing over names or email addresses in the results list to help you identify the contact you want. If the contact you want has multiple email addresses, you can use the Up-arrow or Down-arrow keys to select the email address you want to use.

45.1.3 Name Completion with Duplicate Names

When you use name completion, you might have two contacts with the same name. When name completion finds two people with the same name but different email addresses, the results list displays both email addresses so that you can select the correct contact. Mousing over any item provides additional information to help you select the correct name. After you make your selection, the name is added to your Frequent Contacts and is your first result the next time you send an email to that user.