17.2 Composing Email

To compose an email:

  1. Click New Mail on the toolbar.

    You can select a different mail view by clicking the down-arrow next to New Mail.

  2. In the To box, type a user name, and then press Enter. Repeat for additional users.


    To select user names from a list, click Address on the toolbar, search for and double-click each user, and then click OK.

  3. If necessary, click +Cc and +Bc to add those fields, and then type user names in the Cc and Bc boxes.

    CC (Courtesy Copy): Courtesy copy recipients (CC) receive a copy of an item. CC recipients are users who would benefit from the information in an item, but are not affected by or directly responsible for it. All recipients can see that a courtesy copy was sent. They can also see the names of the CC recipients.

    BC (Blind Copy): Blind copy recipients (BC) receive a copy of an item. Other recipients receive no information about blind copies. Only the sender and the blind copy recipient know that a blind copy was sent. If a recipient replies and chooses Reply to All, the blind copy recipient does not receive the reply.

  4. To change the From name to another account, proxy, or alternate email address, click From:, and then click a name. See Using Alternate From Addresses for more information on alternate email addresses.

  5. Type a subject.

  6. Type a message.

  7. (Optional) Click the Send Options tab to specify options such as making this message a high priority, requesting a reply from the recipients, add categories, and more.

    When you use the Categories option, only the four default categories carry over to the recipient.

    In a Compose view, you can Ctrl + Click to open a hyperlink.

  8. Include any attachments by clicking Add Attachment at the bottom of the compose window.

  9. Click Send on the toolbar.