13.2 Displaying Folder Lists

13.2.1 Arranging Your Folder Lists

To arrange a folder list:

  1. In the Folder List header, click the Folder List Options arrow.

  2. Select one or more Folder Lists: Favorites, Simple, or Full.

  3. If you selected more than one type of Folder List, click the Folder List drop-down arrow again, and then click Choose Order.

  4. Move the Folder Lists into the order you want them to display, and then click OK.

  5. Size the Folder Lists as needed.

13.2.2 Building Your Favorites Folder List

There are two ways to add folders to the Favorites Folder List:

  • Right-click a folder anywhere in your Mailbox, and then select Add to Favorites.

  • Select multiple folders to add to your Favorites Folder List.

To conveniently select multiple folders:

  1. Right-click your Favorites Folder, and then click Choose Favorites.

  2. Select the folders to add or remove.

  3. Click OK.

13.2.3 Reorganizing Your Folders

To arrange a folder list, click Edit > Folders.

From the Folders dialog box you can create, delete, rename, and move folders.

13.2.4 Alphabetizing a Folder List

To alphabetize a folder list:

  1. Right-click your Home folder or Cabinet folder.

  2. Click Sort Subfolders.

13.2.5 Closing the Folder List

You can close your Folder List to leave more room for other views, such as the Calendar, in the Main Window. This is convenient when you access your folders through the Nav Bar. To hide or show the Folder List, click View > Folder List.

If you are not displaying your Folder List and you drag and drop an item to where the folder location is, the Folder List pops out so that you can drag and drop the item to the Folder List.