13.1 Understanding Folder Lists

All folders are subfolders of your Home folder. Click the arrow to expand and collapse folders in a Folder List. You can choose to display any of three different kinds of Folder Lists:

13.1.1 Full Folder List

The Full Folder List displays all the folders that you have.

Next to any folder (except for shared folders), the number of unread items is shown in square brackets. Next to the Sent Items folder, the number in square brackets shows how many items are pending to be sent from Caching or Remote mode.

You can organize items in your folders by moving or linking them. When you move an item into a folder, it is taken from one location and placed in another. When you link an item to a folder, the item still exists in its original folder and it also appears in the new folder. When you change a linked item, it is also changed in the other folders. If an item is linked to multiple folders and you delete the original item, the copies in your other folders remain.

You can define a different set of properties for each folder in your Mailbox. For example, you can sort the items in one folder by date, and sort the items in another folder by company.

13.1.2 Simple Folder List

The Simple Folder List is context-sensitive. It displays the folders that are relative to the folder you are currently in. The following are context-sensitive Simple Folder Lists:

  • Calendar: Displays a list of all calendars. From here you can select to display the contents of a calendar in the main calendar. In addition, you can change the color of a calendar.

  • Contacts: Displays a list of all personal address books. By default, the main Contacts folder is the Frequent Contacts address book.

  • Documents: Displays a list of your document libraries. By default, the main Documents folder is your default document library.

  • NNTP: Displays a list of subscribed groups within the newsgroup.

  • GroupWise Feeds: Displays a list of the RSS feeds you have subscribed to.

  • Favorites: Displayed whenever you are not in the Calendar folder, Contacts folder, Documents folder, or any NNTP folders or RSS feeds. The Favorites Simple Folder List allows you to copy folders into the folder list for quicker access.

13.1.3 Favorites Folder List

The Favorites Folder List allows you to add your most commonly used folders to the Simple Folder List for quick access. This is helpful when you drag and drop items to your folder list. Folders in this list are displayed in the order that they are most commonly accessed.

When you display the Favorites Folder List, the most recently used folders are also displayed in a separate list, in the Recently Used Folders section. Up to 15 folders that you access most frequently are displayed at the top of this section. If you stop accessing a folder that is in this list, it eventually is removed from the list. Folders that are displayed in the Favorites Folder List are not displayed in the Recently Used Folders section.