15.4 Removing Zoom Integration

You can remove Zoom integration from GroupWise as well as the authorization to sync with GroupWise in your Zoom account.

15.4.1 Removing Zoom Integration via GroupWise

If you want to remove Zoom integration from the GroupWise Client, you can do it directly from GroupWise.

To remove Zoom integration via GroupWise:

  1. Open the GroupWise client and navigate to Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Environment and deselect Enable Zoom Integration.

  3. Click OK.

15.4.2 Deauthorizing Zoom Integration via the Zoom App Marketplace

To deauthorize Zoom integration in the Zoom App Marketplace:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to Solutions > Marketplace.

  2. Click Manage, and select Added Apps in the navigation pane.

  3. Click Remove on the GroupWise entry under Added Apps.

NOTE:If you do deauthorize Zoom using the method above, you cannot reauthorize Zoom from the Zoom App Marketplace. In this scenario, you can reauthorize Zoom via the Log in to Zoom option by right-clicking in the Appointment window. Zoom Integration must already be enabled in GroupWise. If the right-click option shows Log out of Zoom, you will need to first log out and then right-click and log back in.