42.1 Adding an Item to the Tasklist Folder

42.1.1 Configuring New Tasklist Items

You can configure the type of item that is automatically created when you create a new item in the Tasklist.

  1. Click Tools > Options, and then double-click Environment.

  2. Click the Default Actions tab.

  3. Under New tasklist item, select whether you want new items to be created as discussion/notes or tasks.

  4. Click OK.

42.1.2 Moving an Item from Another Folder to the Tasklist Folder

A common way to place items in the Tasklist folder is to move those items from other folders. For example, you might receive an appointment for a meeting where you are expected to give a brief presentation. You can drag that appointment to your Tasklist folder as a reminder that you have a presentation coming up.

  1. Open the folder containing the item you want to make into a task, and then select that item.

  2. Drag the selected item to the Tasklist folder in the Full Folder List.

    To access the Full Folder List, click the folder list drop-down arrow (above the Folder List, to the right of Online or Caching), and then click Full.

    You can move items to the Tasklist folder from a shared folder only if you are the owner of the shared folder.

  3. Open the newly moved item.

    Tasklist options appear at the top of the item view. You can also assign an order number, or move the task to the top or bottom of the list.

  4. Add a due date.

  5. Click Close.

In the Tasklist folder, the items display with a check box next to them. When you complete an item in the Tasklist, you can mark it completed by selecting the check box.

42.1.3 Creating a Task or Tasklist Item in the Tasklist Folder

The Tasklist is useful for keeping track of tasks and reminders.

  1. Open the Tasklist folder.

  2. (Optional) Select the position where you want to create the new task in the list.

    If no items exist in the Taskbar, or if you don’t want to create the task in a specific position on the list, continue with Step 3.


    Click the position in the Tasklist where you want to add a new item. For example, if you want the new item to appear after the third Tasklist item, click the existing third item, and then continue with Step 3.

  3. Click New Task to create a new task that you want to assign to other people.


    To create a personal task that you are not sending to other GroupWise users, click the down-arrow next to New Task, and select Personal Task.


    To create a new Tasklist item, click the Tasklist folder, right-click in the Tasklist, and then click New > Tasklist Item.

  4. (Optional) If you are creating a new task (not a personal task or Tasklist item), add the names of the recipients who will receive the task.

  5. Specify the start and due dates.

  6. Type a subject, and then type the description of the task.

  7. Click Send.


    If you are creating a personal task or a Tasklist item, click Post.

42.1.4 Marking an Item to Display in the Tasklist Folder

Use this action to mark an item in another folder so that it displays in the Tasklist folder.

  1. Select one or more items, and then right-click the selected items.

  2. Click Show in Tasklist.

The item or items stay in the original folder, but they also display in the Tasklist folder. From the Tasklist folder, you can arrange the items in the order you want, assign due dates, mark them as completed, and so forth. If there is a Tasklist in the original folder, the items also appear there.

You can mark these items completed in either the original folder or the Tasklist folder.

NOTE:You can only mark items to display in the Tasklist folder from a shared folder if you are the owner of the shared folder.