5.1 Understanding the Update Process

Before you begin updating your Novell Messenger system to GroupWise Messenger 18, you should review the following sections. These sections, which describe the process to follow when updating, help you plan and implement a successful update strategy:

5.1.1 Installing the GroupWise Messenger Software

The GroupWise Messenger 18 software requirements are different from previous GroupWise Messenger software requirements. To review the requirements, see Messenger System Requirements.


GroupWise Messenger is administered through GroupWise, using the version listed in Messenger System Requirements.

5.1.2 Updating the GroupWise Messenger Client

After you have updated the version of your agents, users can run the GroupWise Messenger 18 Windows client or Cross-Platform client on workstations listed in Messenger Client Workstation Requirements. If necessary, they can also continue to run their older GroupWise Messenger clients.

5.1.3 Updating the GroupWise Messenger Agents

To update the GroupWise Messenger Agents, you need to run the setup program. For information on running the setup program, see Installing a GroupWise Messenger System.

5.1.4 Migrating the Archive from 18.0 to 18.1 or Later

When you upgraded from 3.x to 18.0, if you wanted to keep your archived data, you manually moved it to a store location on your 18.0 server. To migrate the archive data to the Messenger database or Retain, run the following command in a terminal:

/opt/novell/messenger/bin/arcmigrate -a -u root -p <database user password> -s <Messenger Service Name> -f <path to store>

The Messenger Service Name default is MessengerService. You can view the Messenger Service Name in the GroupWise Admin Console > Messenger. The default store path is /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store. If you are using self-signed certificates, you must use the -l option. If you didn’t use the default database port of 8320, use the -z option and specify the database port.