56.9 Stopping the GWIA

The following sections describe the various methods you can use to shut down the GWIA:

56.9.1 Using the GWIA Server Console

To stop the GWIA while at the server console, click File > Exit.

56.9.2 Using a Command at the Command Line

To stop the GWIA at the command line:

56.9.3 Using a Mail Message

The GWIA can be stopped by sending a shutdown message to the GWIA. In order to shut down the program with a message, the user sending the message must be defined as an operator for the GWIA. This prevents unauthorized users from shutting down the GWIA. For information about defining a user as an operator, see Section 56.5, Assigning Operators to Receive Warning and Error Messages.

The message to shut down the GWIA must be addressed to the GWIA, not a non-GroupWise domain. The syntax for the To line is:


Replace gwia with the name of the GWIA object.

56.9.4 Using a Shutdown File

The GWIA can also be stopped by placing a file named shutdown in the domain\wpgate\gwia\000.prc directory. When the GWIA sees this file, it deletes the file and shuts down.