12.10 Moving a Post Office

You cannot move a Post Office object in ConsoleOne because it is a container object. Only leaf objects can be moved. If you need to change the context, graft the GroupWise post office to its corresponding eDirectory object in the new container location. See Section 5.15, GW / eDirectory Association for more information on grafting objects.

You can, however, move the post office directory, the post office database (wphost.db), and the other databases that reside in the post office by copying the post office directory structure and all its contents to the new location.

IMPORTANT:These instructions are for moving the post office from one location to another on the same platform. If you want to move a post office from a Windows server to a Linux server, follow the instructions in the GroupWise Server Migration Guide.

To move a post office directory structure and all its contents:

  1. Make sure all users are out of the post office, then disable logins to the post office. See Section 12.9, Disabling a Post Office.

  2. Back up the post office. See Section 31.0, Backing Up GroupWise Databases.

  3. In ConsoleOne, display the Identification page of the post office to move.

  4. In the UNC Path field, change the UNC path to the location where you want to move the post office, then click OK to save the new location.

    The format of the path in the UNC Path field depends on whether you are running Linux ConsoleOne or Windows ConsoleOne, and on whether the post office is on Linux or Windows. Retain the original format of the path in your modified version of the location.

    The location change is then propagated up to the domain.

  5. Stop the POA for the post office.

  6. (Conditional) On Linux:

    1. In a terminal window, log in as root, then provide the root password.

    2. Use cp to copy the post office directory and database to the new location:

      cp -r post_office_directory destination
  7. (Conditional) On Windows:

    1. Use xcopy with the /s and /e options to move the post office directory and its contents:

      xcopy post_office_directory /s /e destination

      These options re-create the same directory structure even if directories are empty.

    2. Give rights to objects that need to access the post office database.

      For example, if the new location is on a different server, the POA and the GroupWise administrators who run ConsoleOne need adequate rights to the new location, as described in Section 87.0, GroupWise Administrator Rights.

  8. Edit the POA startup file by changing the setting of the /home switch, then restart the POA.

    See Section 36.1.6, Adjusting the POA for a New Post Office Location.

  9. When you are sure the post office is functioning properly, delete the original post office directories.

If you need to move the POA along with its post office, see Section 36.1.5, Moving the POA to a Different Server.