40.33 ‑‑ip

Binds the POA to a specific IP address when the server where it runs uses multiple IP addresses, such as in a clustering environment. The specified IP address is associated with all ports used by the POA (HTTP, IMAP, LDAP, and so on.) Without the ‑‑ip switch, the POA binds to all available IP addresses and users can access the post office through all available IP addresses. See Section 36.1.4, Binding the POA to a Specific IP Address.

Linux POA

Windows POA


  • ‑‑ip IP_address
  • ‑‑ip ”full_DNS_name
  • /ip-IP_address
  • /ip-”full_DNS_name


  • ‑‑ip
  • ‑‑ip ”poasvr.provo.novell.com”
  • /ip-
  • /ip-”poasvr.provo.novell.com”

See also ‑‑cluster.