51.19 --sslcert

For secure SSL connections between the DVA and other programs (the WebAccess Application, the POA, and your Web browser for the DVA Web console), specifies the full path name of the SSL certificate file. See Section 48.2.3, Securing Document Conversion with SSL Connections.

Linux DVA

Windows DVA


--sslcert /directory/certificate_file

  • /sslcert-[drive:]\dir\file
  • /sslcert-\\svr\sharename\dir\file


--sslcert /certs/gw.crt

  • /sslcert-\ssl\gw.crt
  • /sslcert-m:\ssl\gw.crt
  • /sslcert-\\server2\c\ssl\gw.crt

See also --httpssl, --sslkey, and --sslkeypassword.