60.2 Using WebAccess on a Tablet Device

  1. To access GroupWise WebAccess on your Apple iPad, use the following URL:


    Replace web_server_address with the IP address or DNS hostname of your Web server. If the Web server uses SSL, use https rather than http. The WebAccess Application detects that it is communicating with a tablet device and provides the WebAccess Mobile interface.

    WebAccess Login page on an iPad


    (Conditional) If you have a tablet device that is not yet supported, but you want to see how well the mobile interface works on your device, use the following URL:

  2. Type your GroupWise user ID in the Username box and your GroupWise mailbox password in the Password box.

  3. (Optional) To change the WebAccess interface language, click Settings, then select the language you want from the Language drop-down list.

  4. Click Login to display the GroupWise WebAccess main window on your iPad.

    Main WebAccess window
  5. Click More > Help for more information about using GroupWise WebAccess on your iPad.