47.1 DVA Configurations

Depending on the needs of your GroupWise system, it might be necessary for you to have multiple DVAs running to service WebAccess Applications and POAs.

47.1.1 Basic DVA Installation

By default, the DVA is installed along with each POA that you install and is configured to communicate with that specific POA.

When you install WebAccess on a Web server, you configure the WebAccess Application to communicate with one DVA.

DVA components

Depending on the needs for attachment viewing in GroupWise WebAccess and for attachment indexing for all users, it might be necessary for you to add additional DVAs to your system. Although the DVA software is installed along with the POA and MTA software, you can install the agent software on any server and run the DVA without running the other agents on that server. For instructions, see Section 47.2, DVA Installation on Additional Servers.

47.1.2 Multiple DVAs for WebAccess

If GroupWise WebAccess users display a large number of attached documents, you can install and configure multiple DVA to service the WebAccess Application so that attached documents can be displayed more promptly.

Multiple DVAs for WebAccess

For more information about this configuration, see Section 62.1.3, Configuring Multiple DVAs for the WebAccess Application.

47.1.3 Multiple DVAs for a Post Office

One DVA might provide sufficient indexing performance for the POA, but you might want to protect against downtime that would occur if the DVA became unavailable because of server failure or some other reason. Installing more than one DVA enables you to set up failover support to make document conversion and indexing more reliable.

If you have a post office with a heavy load of attachment indexing, you can install and configure multiple DVAs to service the POA for that post office.

Multiple DVAs for a post office

For more information about this configuration, see Section 39.3, Enabling the Document Viewer Agent (DVA) for Indexing.

47.1.4 Multiple Shared DVAs

When you install multiple DVAs, they can be accessed by both WebAccess Applications and POAs if that works well for your GroupWise system configuration.

Multiple DVAs for WebAccess and a post office