2.7 Performing the Initial Address Book Synchronization

  1. Verify that address book synchronization has been enabled:

    1. In the MTA Web console, display the current MTA log file.

    2. Review the list of settings that was generated when you restarted the MTA in Step 5 in Section 2.6, Configuring the MTA for Address Book Synchronization to verify that address book synchronization is enabled and that the synchronization schedule is configured as expected.

    3. Set the MTA log level to Verbose.

      Status messages and error messages related to address book synchronization are logged when the MTA log level is set to Verbose, but not when the log level is set to Normal.

  2. Run address book synchronization for the first time:

    1. In the MTA Web console, click Configuration to display the Exchange synchronization settings.

      Exchange Synchronization Settings section of the Configuration page in the MTA Web console
    2. Click Exchange Synchronization Settings to display the Exchange Synchronization page.

      The details of the Exchange synchronization profile that you created in Section 2.6, Configuring the MTA for Address Book Synchronization are listed.

    3. Verify the information that you provided in ConsoleOne.

    4. Select Perform Exchange Synchronization Now, then click Submit.

  3. Check the MTA log file for status and error messages.

  4. (Conditional) If any errors appear in the MTA log file:

    1. Check the Exchange synchronization profile in ConsoleOne for misspellings and inaccurate configuration information.

    2. Update the Exchange synchronization profile as needed.

    3. Restart the MTA.

    4. Repeat Step 2 through Step 3 until address book synchronization runs successfully.

  5. Continue with Testing Address Book Synchronization.