13.4 GroupWise Agents and Applications

13.4.1 Message Transfer Agent

The GroupWise 2012 Message Transfer Agent (MTA) includes no changes from the previous release.

13.4.2 Post Office Agent

13.4.3 Document Viewer Agent

13.4.4 GroupWise Internet Agent

  • When the GroupWise 2012 Internet Agent (GWIA) is configured to use a relay server and an outbound message is undeliverable, the GWIA transfers the undeliverable message received from the relay server into the sender’s GroupWise mailbox. This improved functionality makes undeliverable status more readily available to GroupWise users, as opposed to needing to check the properties of the sent item to see whether it has been delivered.

13.4.5 GroupWise WebAccess

13.4.6 GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host

13.4.7 GroupWise Monitor

13.4.8 Demonstration Videos for Installing the Agents and WebAccess

Video demonstrations are available for installing the GroupWise 2012 agents and WebAccess: