14.3 Understanding GroupWise Software Updates

The GroupWise 2012 system requirements are different from previous GroupWise system requirements. To review the system requirements, see Section 2.0, GroupWise System Requirements.

14.3.1 Software Distribution Directory

The GroupWise Installation program helps you copy the GroupWise 2012 software (administration, agents, Windows client, and so on) to a GroupWise software distribution directory. This can be an existing software distribution directory or a new software distribution directory.

14.3.2 ConsoleOne

GroupWise 2012 is administered through ConsoleOne, using the version listed in Section 2.1, GroupWise Administration Requirements. You can use the same version of ConsoleOne to administer earlier GroupWise components in your GroupWise system. However, earlier versions of ConsoleOne should not be used to administer GroupWise 2012 domains, post offices, agents, or other GroupWise 2012 objects.

The Linux and Windows versions of ConsoleOne are included in the downloaded GroupWise 2012 software image.

IMPORTANT:You must use the version of ConsoleOne that is included with GroupWise 2012. It is not the same as the version of ConsoleOne that comes with OES Linux or that can be downloaded from Novell Downloads.

You can install the GroupWise 2012 version of ConsoleOne at the same time as the other GroupWise 2012 software. For instructions, see ConsoleOne.

For more information about ConsoleOne, see ConsoleOne Administration Tool in System in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.